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Congress of European Municipalities and Regions

CEMR Congress - 04.04.2016

Local finances under pressure: Join the debate in Nicosia
Recent economic, financial and debt crises have made the EU create stricter economic governance rules for national governments, who in turn reduced funds for towns and regions. This means the latter have less money to invest, although their challenges keep growing: an ageing population, hosting refugees, adapting and preventing climate change, promoting economic growth…

What can be done? How can local and regional governments invest in their territories despite reduced funding? To debate this issue, CEMR is organising a session called “Local finances under pressure” at the CEMR Congress in Nicosia (Cyprus), on Thursday 21 April 2016 from 9.30 to 11 am. Participants will be able to exchange ideas, and help find financial solutions for towns and regions that are directly confronted with global challenges.

Among the speakers are:

•    Philippe Laurent, Mayor of Sceaux, CEMR Spokesperson on Local finances, CEMR Vice-President
•    Carmen Kiefer, First Deputy Mayor of Kuchl (Austria), Member of CEMR Policy Committee
•    Esa Kallio, Executive Vice President and Deputy to the CEO of Municipality Finance Plc (MuniFin)
•   Normund Popens, Deputy Director-General For Implementation, DG REGIO

You can already take part in the debate on Twitter with our hashtag #CEMR2016.
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