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Covenant of Mayors

Reducing CO2 emissions - 12.10.2009

A tool to help cities reduce CO2 emissions
The Covenant of Mayors has developed an online interactive tool to help European cities and local governments present their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) and to facilitate their evaluation.
The Covenant signatories are complete this online template by providing information regarding their overall strategy, the details of their emission inventory and the measures included in their sustainable energy action plans.
At the same time the template is a tool for collecting key information from the SEAP, and thus encouraging exchanges of experience. Highlights of the collected information will be shown on-line under the Signatory Profiles on the Covenant of Mayors website.
All Covenant signatories can access the online tool via the Signatories' Corner (restricted area).
A public copy of the SEAP template and supporting instructions document is available in the library.
Background information
The Covenant of Mayors is an initiative of the European Commission and European local government associations including the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).
It brings together mayors of Europe's cities and local government in a permanent network to make better use of energy in cities and towns. By signing the covenant, mayors commit their cities or towns to adopting sustainable energy action plans within twelve months and achieving a series of targets and obligations. Their progress are closely monitored by external evaluators.
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