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Waste management and circular economy

Circular economy - 24.02.2017

The future is circular: Join us at the circular economy conference in Seville
Who in the world needs a circular economy? Everyone, that’s who. Come to the conference on “the Circular Economy: the commitment of the cities” in Seville on 15 March to discuss, meet, exchange and learn about how cities across Europe can spearhead the fight against climate change thanks to the circular economy.

The circular economy is essential for both the protection of the environment and job creation in our towns and regions. According to the European Commission’s impact assessment, EU waste and circular economy legislation could help avoid 443 million tons of greenhouse gas and create 180,000 direct jobs by 2030.

Mayors, ministers and experts from all over Europe will be there. Among them, CEMR President Stefano Bonaccini* will be speaking. Starting with the circular economy in the European context in the morning, the conference will focus on implementation actions in Spain in the afternoon. See the full programme for more details.
  • Who? Among others, CEMR spokesperson for climate and energy and mayor of Seville Juan Espadas, Mayor of Oslo Raymond Johansen, mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena and mayor of Vigo and FEMP President Abel Caballero will be participating.
  • Where? Seville, Spain
  • When? 15 March 2017

For more information and to register for the event, send an email to

The circular economy and the bigger fight against climate change is not a very big deal. It is just about the survival of the only planet in the universe known to host life. CEMR takes the circular economy very seriously, and is advocating support for small towns ahead of the European Parliament’s vote on the circular economy package on 13 March.

Follow the event on twitter @MuniCircular and take part in the debate with the hashtag #EconomiaCircularSevilla.


The Circular Economy conference is organised by CEMR’s Spanish association (FEMP), the city of Seville and Ecoembes, in collaboration with CEMR, Fundacion Cajasol, FAMP and Junta de Andalucia.

* President of the Emilia-Romagna region and president of CEMR’s Italian association (AICCRE).
What is the circular economy?
An eco-friendly way to manage the life-cycle of a product, from production to waste. Instead of extracting resources > consuming > throwing away (linear economy), the circular economy aims to reduce the environmental impact of a product at all stages of its life cycle: production, distribution, and consumption.
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