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Mobility - 26.08.2004

Belgium : splitting the income from speeding fines between the regions?
Already at the cutting edge of devolution, Belgium could be about to go one step further.
The Flemish Mobility Minister, Kathleen Van Brempt, has called for the income from fines generated by automatic speed cameras to be split between Flanders and Wallonia proportionately to the number of speed cameras set up in each of the regions.
Under the current Belgian Constitution, the income from traffic fines goes to the central government that redistributes it to its regions.
"It is only fair for money coming from Flemish speed cameras to remain in Flemish hands" she said.
Kathleen Van Brempt argues that there are far more automatic speed cameras in Flanders than in Wallonia, at a greater financial cost for the Flemish authorities. It would thus be fair, she says, for Flanders to keep money generated by fines on Flanders' roads.
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