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European Union enlargement

EU enlargement - 01.05.2004

EU Enlargement : today the party, tomorrow hard work in towns and regions!
"Today we celebrate, tomorrow the hard work begins. EU's enlargement will not be a success unless local and regional government are committed and competent".
This is the message CEMR secretary general Jeremy Smith has sent to the CEMR members in the ten countries joining the European Union.
I wanted to write this letter to our associations in EU new member states, explains CEMR's secretary general, because the real impact of enlargement will be felt in municipalitiesthroughout Europe. Most EU legislation is implemented at local and regional level; there is thus a huge task ahead in the new Member States' municipalities and regions to meet the EU's required standards.

Even more important, we must engage with our citizens and bring them with us. They must feel they really are EU citizens. We must address their genuine concerns both in the EU 15 and in the new Member States, and this is the role of the local and regional elected representatives.
Local and regional government are vital to a successful enlargement.
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