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Equality of women and men in local life

Equal opportunities - 14.06.2005

The European charter of men/women equality has left the starting blocks!
The European charter for men/women equality in local life has made its first step, in Bilbao, on 10-11 June 2005.
At the first meeting of this CEMR project, participants discussed the structure and the content of the future charter. They agreed that the charter will list fundamental rights to achieve a genuine men/women equality. These rights will include: the right to equality and parity, equality in education, in professional life and in health...
The group's next meeting will take place in october, and the European charter for men/women equality in local life should be adopted at the project's final conference in February 2006.
The meeting was co-organised by CEMR and the association of Basque municipalities (EUDEL). The debates were chaired by the president of EUDEL, Karmel Sainz de la Maza Arrola, and the chair of CEMR's committee of women elected representatives of local and regional authorities, Vicenta Bosch Palanca.
Note: This CEMR project is supported by over twenty partners from 14 European countries. It is part of the EU's 5th action programme for equal opportunities.
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