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Mobility - 19.03.2004

Eurovignette directive : European Parliament and CEMR speak with one voice
'The Transport committee of the European Parliament has accepted virtually all the amendments that CEMR had pressed it to adopt. I believe this vote will help improve the Eurovignette directive". This is how CEMR secretary general Jeremy Smith reacted to the vote in the EP Transport Committee on 17 March.
One of the amendments specifies that prior to extending tolls to other roads beyond motorways, member states must consult the relevant local or/and regional authorities. This amendment will ensure that any projected toll would be compatible with any existing charging scheme already put in place by local or regional authorities. Indeed, CEMR had asked the Parliament to add the need to consult local and regional authorities in the legislation.
CEMR also welcomes the Transport committee's proposal to take account of external costs (linked to environment and congestion problems) when setting tolls. This being allowed once these external costs can be objectively quantified by a methodology adopted at a European level.
The amendments will now be submitted to the vote at the EP plenary session around 19 April.
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