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Mobility - 02.06.2004

Car-sharing as a response to congestion and pollution problems in Bremen
Three months after the launching of its Car-Sharing project, the city of Bremen (Germany) states it is a success.

Initiated in February 2004, the project 'Integration of Car-Sharing / moses project" (Mobility Services for Urban Sustainability) is an alternative to car-ownership and supplements the environmentally friendly modes of transport.

There is one common problem for urban life quality all over Europe: too many cars on the streets. This is not only a problem of congestion but also the lack of space for other functions of public space, like space for pedestrians and children, for cyclists, for greening etc. As parking is a very sensitive political issue, innovative solutions are necessary. So alternatives to the ownership of a car become a key element of mobility management.

According to the city of Bremen, the experience of car-sharing shows that this tool reduces the number of cars, increases the use of Public Transport and other modes of environmentally friendly transport, and improves the environmentally quality of cities.
This project, as well as 20 other Good Practice Case Studies, is published on ManagEnergy website. ManagEnergy is an initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport aiming to support the work of actors working on renewable energies and energy demand management at local and regional levels.
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