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Revitalisation of cities - 28.04.2008

More than 30 cities sign declaration for revitalisation of historic centres
More than 30 cities and organisations from 10 European countries have signed a declaration which aims to promote built-cultural heritage of historical cities while ensuring their sustainable development and improving the welfare of their people.

The declaration 'European Declaration for integrated revitalisation of historic centres" is an initiative of 'Hist.Urban". It takes as its starting point the idea that historical centres have to present attractive and competitive cities, capable to function as an engine for the regional development, and preserving and developing the unique built-cultural heritage at the same time.

It stresses the challenge to combine the preservation of the outstanding European built-cultural heritage with the requirements of economic, structural, social and demographic changes, in order to secure growth, innovation, social cohesion and good quality of life within cities.

Signatory cities call on local, regional, national and European decision makers to support the efforts for realising integrated strategies for a sustainable and future-oriented development of historic cities and towns. The Declaration will be transmitted to national and European decision makers responsible for urban and territorial development policies to call for their support in the revitalisation efforts.

Background information
This text was discussed during the European conference 'Integrated revitalisation of small and medium sized historic towns" on 21 and 22 of April 2008 in Verona. The conference was the climax of the two years EU project 'Hist.Urban": Integrated revitalisation of historic towns to promote polycentric and sustainable urban development.
Hist.Urban is a cooperation project part-financed by INTERREG III B that represents 19 project partners from 9 Central and East European countries. Hist.Urban develops concepts, strategies and recommendations how to use the built-cultural heritage as an asset for an integrated and sustainable urban development to strengthen small and medium sized historical cities and their regions.
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