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Equality of women and men in local life

Gender-based equality - 28.02.2008

Some principles for achieving gender-based equality within public administration and services...
The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and the European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) have adopted a set of guidelines to help local and regional governments promote gender-based equality.within their administration and services.
As employers and service providers, local and regional government are responsible for hundreds of thousands of employees. This is why EPSU and CEMR have drafted a set of guidelines to support local and regional initiatives on equality. EPSU and CEMR members are encouraged to adopt a joint, long-term and sustained approach to equality.
The guidelines include five practical steps to draw up action plans. They also give examples of the issues that should be addressed in the action plans, such as recruitment and terms and conditions of employment, equal pay and job evaluation, and reconciliation of work and family responsibilities.
They also contain information on EU legislation and social partner agreements on equality, a glossary of common equality terms, and a model equality checklist that can be used to assess equality performance over time.
These guidelines have been drafted by the CEMR / EPSU working group that met on 27 April and 9 November 2007.
CEMR - EPSU guidelines (German-English-French-Swedish)
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