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Montenegro is a unitary state composed of the Capital City (Glavni grad), Old Royal Capital (Prijestonica) and municipalities (opština).
Local level: 25 local self-government units including the Capital City, the Old Royal Capital and 23 municipalities (opština)
The municipal assembly (Skupština opštine) is the municipality’s legislative body. Its members are elected by direct universal suffrage for four years. Each assembly is made up of 30 councillors plus an additional councillor for every 5,000 voters. The municipal assembly adopts regulations and the budget, and also establishes the level of local taxes. It can establish internal commissions and boards and is chaired by a speaker elected from among the councillors.

The mayor (Predsjednik opštine in municipalities and gradonačelnik in cities) is elected by the municipal assembly for a four-year mandate. He/she is the municipality’s executive body.  The mayor proposes regulations to be adopted by the assembly and is responsible for their implementation. He/she also supervises the work of the municipal administration and can appoint or dismiss deputy mayors.

Within the capital city of Podgorica there is a district (Golubovci) which enjoys the status of a municipality.

Competences :
  • Local development
  • Construction land development and management
  • Performance and development of communal affairs
  • Environmental protection
  • Social welfare
  • Public transport
  • Culture and sports

CEMR in Montenegro

Union of Municipalities of Montenegro
Secretary General: Refik BOJADŽIĆ
Zajednica Opština Crne Gore
Avda Medjedovica 138, Stari Aerodrom - 81000 Podgorica
Tél. : +382 20 675 244
Fax : +382 20 674 641
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