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Public services - 27.06.2006

The French happy with their local public services
87% of the French are satisfied or very satisfied with the functioning of local public services in France. This is one of the findings of the BVA-IGD study on local public services and outsourced services.
According to the study, French citizens rate 'water supply" (53%), 'electricity supply" (48%) and 'waste collection" (46%) as the most important services. These services are also perceived as being well-provided; their level of satisfaction is of respectively 93%, 98% and 80%.
Half of the respondents feel the quality of local public services has increased over the last 18 months, 39% of them claim there has been no change in quality.
31% of the French describe themselves as 'customers/consumers" of public services, (31%) while 18 months ago, they saw themselves as taxpayers (40%).
As regards the provision of public services, 59% of the respondents prefer the 'in-house provision of services" (a service supplied by local authority employees); only 20% prefer the 'outsourced provision of services" (a service delegated from a local authority to a company, often private).
Public services provided by a private company are also perceived as 'more expensive" (72%), but also 'more professional" (60%) and 'efficient" (52%).
The survey was conducted in June 2006 on a sample of 946 persons representative of the French population.
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