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E-Democracy - 21.03.2005

French town makes its local Council's sessions available on-line to people with poor-hearing
From 22 March 2005, the inhabitants of the town of Vandoeuvre (France) with hearing problems will be able to follow the meetings of the local council on-line.

The 14 March 2005 meeting of the local council was filmed in the presence of an interpreter in the sign language. People with hearing problems could either follow it on the spot, or a few days later, on Vandoeuvre's website.

The idea came from the head of the municipality department in charge of the disabled. He noticed the lack of access of poor-hearing people to those public meetings.
The operation is part of the urban project 'I @ccess". Its purpose is to inform people with hearing problems or persons who can't attend Council's sessions.

According to the municipality of Vandoeuvre, the budget of this initiative is 300 Euros by Month. It will be renewed several times and extended to historical and cultural events.

Vandoeuvre has often been a pioneer in the field of e-democracy. Another project is called 'Democr@tics' Card"; it focuses on local proactive democracy, and could soon allow the electronic consultation of the citizens on varied themes. Urban districts and schools (elections of parents' representatives) are mainly concerned by this initiative.

Vandoeuvre will also organise the Internet's fair between 20 and 27 March 2005. An event enabling citizens to gain more information about those projects.
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