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Governance and citizenship

Democracy - 30.09.2022

Take part in the selection of the very first European Capital of Democracy!
Join a Europe-wide jury composed of 10,000 European citizens and take part in the selection the very first European Capital of Democracy!
This Europe-wide initiative aims to innovate and strengthen democracy on the ground. From 2022, each year, one city will be selected in a five-stage process and granted this honorary title.
To become a European Capital of Democracy, cities must have a population of over 100,000 within the member states of the Council of Europe, and present a portfolio of their best democratic practices and new project ideas.

An experts’ jury will then evaluate the projects and decides on a shortlist of three to five Cities. Finally, a jury of 10,000 European citizens will get the final word on selection of the City to carry the title European Capital of Democracy.
The winning city will host a one-year-long programme of exciting events, festivals and activities designed to improve and strengthen democracy, which puts citizens’ participation at the heart of it.
To become a citizens’ juror and play a crucial role in strengthening and securing Europe’s democratic future, just click here.
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