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War against Ukraine

Solidarity with Ukraine - 01.04.2022

Lithuania’s Šiauliai district municipality sends 11 tonnes of aid to the city of Dolyna
As part of our coverage of the local and regional dimension of Russia’s war in Ukraine, CEMR is highlighting the help given by European municipalities and regions to their Ukrainian peers. We hope these stories inspire other local and regional governments to heighten their efforts to support Ukraine.

Šiauliai district municipality in Lithuania has given over 11 tonnes of humanitarian and material aid, worth around 100,000 euros, to its Ukrainian partner, the city of Dolyna in southwest Ukraine.

The fully loaded lorry included long-lasting and nutritious food, high-quality overalls, knee pads, shoes, chainsaws and various tools. The shipment also included equipment for Ukraine’s soldiers, such as optical devices, radios, batteries, flashlights, medicines, bandages and first aid equipment.

We are sincerely grateful to our Lithuanian friends from Šiauliai district, our brothers and sisters, for the significant help we received”, said Ivan Dyriv, mayor of Dolyna. “This is an invaluable contribution of our friends, of the Lithuanian people, to our common victory, the victory of Ukraine.”

In addition, as a gesture of support for Ukraine, Šiauliai district municipality terminated all cooperation agreements with partner municipalities in Russia and Belarus in the first days of the war.

The two municipalities first met in November 2021, in the framework of the “Bridges of Trust” Initiative, implemented by CEMR, PLATFORMA and supported by the U-LEAD with Europe programme.


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Video: the Mayor of Dolyna (Ukraine) thanks Šiauliai district municipality (Lithuania) for humanitarian aid (with English subtitles)
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