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Covenant of Mayors

Covenant of Mayors - 26.07.2018

Covenant Cities in the Spotlight: 1st call for applications!
The Covenant of Mayors initiative has been active for the last 10 years in Europe with an increasing success amongst cities & towns.

The Covenant framework is supporting its signatories in achieving their climate and energy goals in a structured and coherent way, offering a methodology that has proved to be effective and useful for local authorities. In the 10th year of the initiative, the Covenant of Mayors wishes to reward signatories that have been working within the Covenant framework and achieving remarkable progress in their local energy and climate action.

The 1st Covenant Cities in the Spotlight call is now open!

Being a "Covenant City in the Spotlight" is a great opportunity to showcase the progress made and become a reference example for the whole Covenant Community and beyond. You can apply here.
Who can apply?

The Covenant Cities in the Spotlight call is open to all Covenant of Mayors signatories. Both signatories that have committed to the 2020 mitigation target or to the 2030 mitigation and adaptation objectives are eligible as long as they are compliant with all Covenant requirements, notably in terms of reporting.

Covenant Cities in the Spotlight 2018 will award three signatories:
  • 1 small-sized signatory (<10,000 inhabitants)
  • 1 medium-sized signatory (10,000- 250,000 inhabitants)
  • 1 large-sized signatory (>250,000 inhabitants).

How will your application be evaluated?

Signatories are invited to submit an overview of their history in the Covenant initiative by completing the application form. The application must include a description of the overall energy and climate policies, and the actions undertaken to implement them.

The participants will be evaluated on the SE(C)AP overall process and, in particular, on the following main aspects:
  • completeness and effectiveness of the overall process
  • SE(C)AP overall approach (transversal, integration mitigation-adaptation, cross-sectorial)
  • commitments (2020, 2030, long term) and monitoring (status, achievements)
  • SE(C)AP governance (multilevel, transversal, innovative)
  • stakeholders engagement (types and means of engagement)
  • SE(C)AP financing (traditional, innovative).

How to participate?

Signatories wishing to participate in the Covenant Cities in the Spotlight are invited to complete the application form at the latest by the 15 September 2018. Applicants are encouraged to add attachments such as pictures, infographics, video, technical documents, etc.

Evaluation process

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Covenant of Mayors Office to check their compliance with the above-mentioned eligibility criteria. Shortlisted applications will be analysed and evaluated by the European Commission. The three most outstanding applications as detailed above will then be selected. The winners will be announced during the European Week of Regions and Cities 2018 and published on the Covenant of Mayors website.

This article was originally published by the Covenant of Mayors


Pedro Bizarro
Project lead – Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy - Europe (CoM) & Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities (RFSC)

Email :
Tel : +32 2 213 86 95
Skype : pbizarro
Should you have questions, you can contact the Covenant of Mayors' office:
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