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Cohesion policy

​Cohesion policy - 14.11.2017

CEMR reaction to potential budget cuts to future regional and social policy
The European Commission is examining a number of different budget reduction scenarios for the cohesion policy beyond 2020, as well as in the social and employment fields. According to a recent article published by the press agency Agence Europe, these cuts could be as much as 30% compared to the current 2014-2020 budget. CEMR opposes any scenario that would damage cohesion policy’s ambition:

"These potential scenarios worry CEMR, since a clear cut to cohesion policy would mean eliminating local governments from the European project. 

Cohesion policy makes citizens experience Europe in our territories. Moreover, it is an instrument that allows all levels of government to team up to tackle current challenges, such as climate change, social inclusion or employment. Therefore, Regional funds should not be used as a way to balance the EU budget

A reduction of the European Social Fund (ESF) represents a threat to the integrity of cohesion policy 

"A reduced budget would have a very negative impact on the capacity of towns and regions to finance territorial development projects, but also to address the social challenges of their territories, such as long-term unemployment, youth unemployment or the need for new skills in innovative sectors."
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