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Air quality

Environment - 27.07.2017

Do you care about the air you breathe? Come to the European Clean Air Forum
Air pollution is responsible for more than 400,000 premature deaths a year in the European Union. It causes millions of Europeans to be victims of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

The European Commission is determined to act on this urgent issue, and wants to include relevant stakeholders, such as local and regional governments, in the process. Come to the European Clean Air Forum in Paris, on 16-17 November 2017, to help work towards a solution to the clean air crisis.

The hundreds of thousands of deaths each year are more than enough evidence that a severe problem exists. The question now is: how do we transition to a future in which the air is clean? How should we adapt our mobility and our agriculture? What are the hurdles we face in terms of policy and implementation? What business opportunities are there? All this will be addressed at the Clean Air Forum. Check out the programme for more details.

One particularly interesting aspect of the Forum is that it will focus in part on air quality in cities, and there will also be a debate on how to improve synergies between European, national, regional and local policy actions on clean air – in other words, how governance in partnership can lead us towards cleaner, healthier air.

The event language is English, and interpretation into French will be provided.
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