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Climate and energy transition

COP21 - 12.12.2015

Paris Agreement: `a significant step forward but not close to the finish line´
The final climate agreement reached in the Paris, on 12 December, explicitly refers to the role of towns and regions to tackle climate change and this is a positive step to achieve the goal of 40% reduction of emissions by 2030.  

Local governments are at the forefront of taking measures to reduce climate change and mitigate its potentially catastrophic impact on local communities around the world,” says CEMR spokesperson on climate and energy and Cambridge councillor, Sian Reid. “Therefore their engagement in delivering the COP21 deal is essential.”

Cllr Reid goes on to say: “The road was long and difficult. But the Climate Summit in Paris has shown that local politicians are committed to getting results, as proved by hundreds of mayors worldwide that signed the Paris Declaration. We have shown the value of exchanging our stories and our ambitions, and shown we are vital to success at an international and national level.”

A significant step forward, but not the end

First steps have been taken, and for some that has even required acknowledgement that climate change is taking place and that human actions are contributing to it. “The challenge now, for today, for tomorrow, and for the sake of future generations is to make this deal work. We have to make sure that this energy is all forced in the same direction up to and beyond next year’s Conference of Parties in Marrakech (COP22),” Cllr Reid stresses.
“Now we call on the EU and national governments to collaborate with local councils to deliver their pledges, providing us with the necessary tools and adequate financial resources to get the job done.”
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