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Governance and citizenship

Transparency Register - 26.06.2015

"Local governments are not lobbyists," said Edmund Stoiber
The special adviser for Better regulation, Edmund Stoiber, was invited by European local elected representatives, gathered at CEMR’s Executive Bureau meeting in Munich, on 25 June 2015.

Debates focused on the 'better regulation' package and the EU lobby register.

Speaking about overregulation at the European level, Edmund Stoiber said: "We set up a regulatory control committee to provide opinion and advice on the draft European legislation. This committee, which is composed of 6 experts, should include a representative from local government."  

On the transparency register, Stoiber supported CEMR and its associations that call for the exemption on local governments and their associations to sign the EU lobby register to be restored. "Local governments are not lobbyists. The burden on local government should be further taken into account in the European decision making process.
Open letter from CEMR president, Annemarie Jorritsma, to presidents Martin Schultz and Jean-Claude Juncker and vice-president Frans Timmermans: "Better law-making needs local input"

CEMR press release on the better regualtion package: "The best recipe for better EU law-making is genuine multi-actor governance"
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