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Local and regional governments as employers

Entrepreneurship - 15.06.2004

Outcome of CEMR seminar on "entrepreneurship " (15 June)
Some thirty representatives from various European states attended the seminar "The impact of the entrepreneurial city on local and regional authorities" organised by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, in Brussels, on 15 June 2004.
The EU Commission's DG Enterprise representative, Jorge Costa David, told the delegates that the Commission has limited competence in this area. "The European Commission can only give recommendations to Member States, he added, at this stage it has no clear vision on how to include local and regional governments in the debate".
Jorge Costa-David added that the Commission's role is mainly to provide the infrastructure for the dissemination or the exchange of the information. He informed delegates that a database is available on the Europa website. Delegates also heard that the Commission has asked all Member States to report on their achievements in and projects to promote entrepreneurship.
Jonathan Potter, for the OECD, insisted on the differentiation between national and international policies on one hand, and local and regional activities on the other hand. "We must promote closer cooperation between public and private actors, in an integrated approach", he added.
The delegates agreed on several conclusions :
- Presentations of specific cases in the course of the seminar show that local and regional governments can play an active role in promoting entrepreneurship.
- There is a clear need to learn from each other. Benchmarking and exchange of best practice are required.
- The report of Member States record in this field will make it possible to assess to what extent local and regional government are taken into account
- Entrepreneurship is a full element of the Lisbon Strategy.
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