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Jobs and housing - 06.05.2010

Europeans most concerned about jobs and housing
Employment and housing costs are dominant concerns for Europeans, according to a Eurobarometer survey looking at how citizens view the quality of life in their cities.

Indeed, results showed that there are only six cities, Stockholm,. Copenhagen, Prague, Munich, Amsterdam and Warsaw, where more than half of the population find it easy to find a good job. Also, 96% of Parisians and 88% of Romans find it difficult to find affordable housing, much like two thirds of the cities involved in the study.

The survey, which was conducted between October and November 2009 in 75 cities across the EU, Croatia and Turkey, allows for a comparison between a citizen's perception and data from statistical sources. Overall, the results present wide disparities, although the quality of services such as transport, health and education, generally received a positive score.

Johannes Hahn, EU Regional Policy Commissioner, underlined the importance of the survey as a means of 'better targeting investment" in cities as it allows for 'the best responses to a complex mix of challenges".
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