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Crisis and decentralisation

Impacts of the recession - 15.12.2009

Global slowdown, local solutions: international comparisons
The Local Government Association (LGA) has published a study showing how local authorities around the world have been tackling the impacts of the recession.
The report reflects on council activity in 14 countries, identifies.trends in good practice, and draws lessons about the importance of decentralised delivery at home. In doing so, the report shows how local authorities in other countries are able to support people into work, invest in regeneration and job creation, support businesses, and prepare their areas for the upturn.
One of the key message of the study is that the slowdown continues to impact upon every local area differently; and that local government tends to operate at the right level to deliver and co-ordinate effective local solutions and prepare economies for the upturn.
The report "Global slowdown, local solutions: international comparisons" has been drawn up with the help of national associations of local government and other public sector organisations.
It is only available in English.
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