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RegioStars 2010 Prize - 17.06.2009

RegioStars 2010: only 30 days left to register”¦
European regions are invited to participate in the European Commission's RegioStars 2010 Prize. The deadline for receipt of applications is 17 July 2009.
The objective of the RegioStars Awards is to identify good practices in. regional development and to highlight original and innovative projects which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.
The award categories are as follows:
  1. Innovative use of brownfield sites in an urban context
  2. The integration of migrants or marginalised groups in urban areas
  3. ICT applications for e-inclusion
  4. ICT applications by or for SMEs
  5. Broadband coverage in less developed regions or rural areas
  6. Websites offering quality information and showing the European added-value
Winners will be announced at the Spring 2010 'Regions for Economic Change" conference. They will receive European recognition, a trophy and a film of their project will be produced.
Each European region may submit up to three project applications.
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