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Local and regional governments as employers

Financial and economic crisis - 18.03.2009

European Local Government Workers and Employers send gathering EU leaders local government -crisis checklist'
In advance of the Spring summit, the Social Partners for the local government sector in Europe have sent a 17 point checklist to European leaders.
CEMR-EP (Council.of European Municipalities and Regions) and EPSU (European Federation of Public Service Unions) issued the list of demands, to highlight the positive role local government can play in overcoming the current economic difficulties.

The statement outlines:

Ӣ how local government is essential to those worst hit by the crisis;

Ӣ how local government provides a major contribution to employment numbers;

Ӣ how local government is central in implementing sustainable investment;
The joint statement notes that; 'It can already be observed that the most vulnerable groups are hit hardest, for example third-country migrants and long-term unemployed, but also young people and single parent families, who risk falling into precarious situations".

Helping those hit by the crisis

Local and regional authorities are ideally placed to take measures to ensure social stability and to prevent social exclusion. They also have to satisfy the increasing need for social assistance and welfare to the vulnerable and people in need. The public sector has a major positive impact on employment, which should be better taken into account when looking for solutions to the economic crisis.

Turning proposals into action

Many measures proposed by the European Commission and the Member States concern investment in public infrastructure, energy efficiency, the promotion of low-carbon economy and further sustainable actions. All these actions are implemented to a great extent at local and regional level.

Combining expertise with local knowledge

The recovery of the economy cannot happen without well-functioning local and regional authorities. The quality of their services depends to a great extend on a qualified, motivated and dedicated workforce. It should therefore be in our common interest to recognise the important role and contribution of the public sector in general and the local and regional government in particular.
Full text of statement : EN FR ES SV
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