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Public services - 30.05.2008

Changes in the organisation of public services: CEMR and EPSU's joint conference
The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and the European federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) are organising a joint conference on 'Changes in the organisation of public services". on Tuesday 3 June 2008 in Brussels.
The conference aims to present the results of their joint project. It will look at how local and regional governments are adapting the way their services are organised in order to face the new challenges. It will also explore how this change process can be successfully managed through cooperation and dialogue between employers and employees.
The event will be organised around five themes:

Ӣ Delivering public services at regional and local level: the role of social dialogue in facing challenges and seizing opportunities
Ӣ Main drivers for change and trends in services delivery at regional and municipal level: what lessons for social partners?
Ӣ Innovative solutions to improve quality of services
Ӣ Managing the process of change through partnership solutions
Ӣ Modernisation of public service provision: how is the local and regional government responding to the new challenges?
Background information
CEMR and EPSU, partners in the European Social Dialogue representing local and regional government as employers and employees, had decided in 2006 to jointly carry out a project on the role of social dialogue in the reform process. With the financial support of the European Commission and a number of CEMR member associations, a study was carried out to identify key trends in changes of local public service delivery in Europe and in a second stage interesting cases are examined more in-depth.
Practical information
Venue: Committee of the Regions Room JDE 51 101, rue Belliard 1040 Brussels
Date: 3 June 2008, 9h30-16h30
Language facilities: English, French, Finnish, German, Italian and Swedish; Passive interpretation for Spanish and Portuguese
Registration: no later than 26 May 2008
No fee
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