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Local and regional governments as employers

Social exclusion - 29.02.2008

CEMR calls for stronger role for local governement
"Do not do more but do better" to improve the involvement of local government to ensure that disadvantaged people are integrated in the job market in the long term. This is one of the main claims of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) in response to the European Commission's consultation "Taking forward the active inclusion of people furthest from the labour market".
CEMR believes that the EU Commission's new strategy for 'active inclusion' should focus on improving existing mechanisms and strengthening the dialogue with all actors involved in social inclusion. As employers, service providers and promoters of economic development, local and regional government are responsible for hundreds of thousands of employees. CEMR calls on to strengthen the cooperation between all levels of governance, local, regional and national.
The integrated approach to active inclusion should be reflected across EU policies and therefore, CEMR calls for greater synergy between the EU social inclusion process and the Lisbon process, which also deals with the social protection and employment.
Also, regarding the public services pillar of the active inclusion approach, CEMR hopes that, as indicated in the Lisbon treaty, the EU will develop an appropriate framework for local and regional authorities to organise, finance and deliver their services to all citizens.
CEMR recalls that European regional and local governments fulfill a extremely important role to promote the active inclusion of all citizens. To be effective, active inclusion measures need to be based on a bottom-up approach and being adapted to the local context.
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