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Sustainable territorial and local development

RegioStars 2008 - 26.07.2007

The new awards for regional innovative projects
Participate in the European Commission's "RegioStars 2008", the new annual awards event for innovative projects in regional development.
The main objective of RegioStars 2008 is to identify and highlight original.and innovative projects likely to be attractive and inspiring to the 268 regions of the EU.
To be eligible for the awards, interested regions must submit projects around two themes: regional economies based on knowledge and technological innovation, and sustainable economic development. Proposals for RegioStars 2008 can be sent by 28 September 2007.
Background information
RegioStars will be annual innovation awards for best projects in the area of selected themes linked to economic modernisation. They aim to improve information about good practice, stimulate the exchange of experience and provide visibility for progressive-thinking. They will be presented each year at the Regions for Economic Change spring conference.
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