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In addition to energy, mobility and waste, local and regional governments deal with a wide range of environmental issues such as air quality, water management, biodiversity and management of green spaces. Environmental threats are some of the biggest challenges for local politicians working to protect the health and quality of life of their citizens and contribute to tackling climate change.

To achieve these goals, a coordinated response across all levels of governance is imperative. Local, regional, national and European decision-makers and other stakeholders need to act hand in hand. A holistic approach is needed which fully take intos account the interdependence of policy areas, for example the impact of transport on air quality or of agriculture on biodiversity.

Advocacy at EU level has become increasingly important over the years as the European Union has developed a vast array of environmental policies, with many having a strong impact on municipalities and regions.

Based on members’ need, CEMR’s ad hoc Expert Group on  Environmental Issues deals with topics such as water management, biodiversity and management of green spaces.

CEMR spokesperson for environment
Senator and Councillor of the city of Nantes (Frances), Ronan Dantec

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