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Local and regional governments as employers


In Europe, local and regional public administrations employ more than 17 million workers.

As employers, local and regional governments face common problems and challenges, including:  access to employment, work organisation, working conditions and new forms of work. Social dialogue is the tool promoted by the European Commission at all levels to support employers and employees in the public sector to reach consensual and flexible solutions to strike the right balance between: public service efficiency, smart use of financial resources and safety of workers.

CEMR is recognised as the most representative organisation to defend the interests of local and regional governments as employers. It is an inevitable partner consulted at each European initiative related to working conditions and work organisation.

Expert Group on local and regional governments as employers

Our Expert Group monitors legislative developments related to the management of public sector workers.

CEMR also represents local and regional governments as employers within the Sectoral social dialogue committee of local and regional governments, which gathers CEMR and the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) that represents public servants and workers of the public sector.

Our goals:

•    Ensuring that the needs, interests and specificities of local and regional governments  (including the public services they deliver), are  taken into account within the EU legislation related to the organisation and conditions of work
•    Enabling exchanges of good practices and of experiences in industrial relations (e.g. between employers and employees)
•    Cooperate, through European social dialogue, with EPSU in order to negotiate and agree on common solutions in the matter of European social policies
•    Representing employers towards Unions of local and regional public sector within the framework of social dialogue activities

CEMR spokesperson:

Mayor of Fuenlabrada (Spain), Javier Ayala

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