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Slovakia is unitary state composed of municipalities (obce), cities (mestá) and self-governing regions (samosprávne kraje).

Data: 2016
Local level: 2,751 municipalities (obec), 140 cities (mesto) and 39 city districts (mestská časť)
The local council (obecné zastupiteľstvo in municipalities, mestské zastupiteľstvo in cities and miestne zastupiteľstvo in city districts) is the local authority's deliberative body. It is composed of members elected by direct universal suffrage for a period of four years.

The local board (obecná rada in municipalities, mestská rada in cities and miestna rada in city districts) is the mayor's consultative body and the local council's executive body. Its formation is optional and its members are elected by and from within the local council. The municipal board has the power of initiative, control and executes the tasks according to local council decisions.

The mayor (starosta in municipalities and city districts and primátor in cities) is the community's highest executive body and statutory representative. He/she is elected by direct universal suffrage for a four-year mandate and chairs both the local council and the municipal board.

  • Road maintenance
  • Public transport
  • Environment
  • Water supply
  • Sewage and municipal waste
  • Local development
  • Housing
  • Pre-school and primary school
  • Social assistance
  • Health
  • Culture and sports
  • Participation in regional planning

Bratislava and Košice have two levels of self-government: the magistrate (magistrát), which represents the city as a whole, and city districts (mestská časť). These city districts are responsible for issues of local significance such as urban planning, local road maintenance, budget, local ordinances, park maintenance and public safety.
Regional level: 8 self-governing regions (samosprávny kraj)
The regional council (zastupiteľstvo samosprávneho kraja) is the region's legislative and decision-making body and is composed of members elected by direct universal suffrage for a four-year term.

The president (predseda) is elected by direct universal suffrage for a four-year mandate. He/she is the selfgoverning region's representative and statutory body, and chairs regional council meetings.

The commissions (komisie) may be established by the regional council and act as its consultative body with the power of initiative and control. Commission members are elected by and from within the regional council.

Self-governing regions may perform certain duties in the name of the state, mainly regarding education,
healthcare and transport.


• Regional road network
• Land development
• Regional development
• Secondary education
• Hospitals
• Social services
• Culture
• Participation in civil defence
• Licences for pharmacies and private physicians

CEMR in Slovakia

Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia
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Združenie miest a obcí Slovenska
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