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Georgia is a unitary state composed of municipalities (minucipaliteti) and self-governing cities (tvitmmartveli qalaqebi).

Data: 2016
Local level: 60 municipalities (minucipaliteti) and 12 self-governing cities (tvitmmartveli qalaqebi)
The municipal or city assembly (sakrebulo) is the local authority’s legislative body and is composed of members elected for a four-year term, via a party-list system and from single mandate constituencies. This assembly controls the activities of the municipal or city board and elects the board’s chief executive officer.  It also reviews and approves the local budget, approves local socio-economic development plans and introduces taxes and fees as well as any other measures defined by law.  The assembly can set up committees such as the legal affairs, the social affairs or the finance and budget committees.

The municipal or city executive branch is represented by a mayor (in cities) and a gamgebeli (in municipalities), elected by direct elections with 50% of electoral barrier threshold. The executive branch is composed of the heads of several structural and territorial units present in each local authority and
implements decisions taken by the municipal or city council. The mayor / gamgebeli is the supreme official of city/municipality.

The chairman of the municipal or city assembly (sakrebulos tavmjdomare) is elected by and from within the municipal or city assembly for a period of four years. The chairman organises the work of the municipal or the city assembly and approves decisions of the council.


. Municipal property
. Municipal service provision
. Land resources
. Municipal budget
. Local taxes
. Waste management
. Spatial planning
. Pre-school education
. Public transport
. Fire safety


The capital city of Tbilisi also exercises competences delegated by central government agencies, including military recruitment, emergency response and state of emergency, environment and legalisation of property. The city of Tbilisi is divided into ten administrative districts. Each district has its own executive branch headed by a chief executive officer nominated by the mayor.

The remaining local government units in Georgia have limited delegated powers, which extend mainly to military procurement and sanitation. The tasks are delegated from specific ministries by a legal decision or agreement between the relevant ministry and a particular municipality.

There are two autonomous provinces in Georgia: the autonomous republics of Abkhazia and Adjara.

CEMR in Georgia

National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia
Executive Director: David MELUA
საქართველოს ადგილობრივ თვითმმართველობათა ეროვნული ასოციაცია
142 A. Beliashvili Street, 0159 Tbilisi
Tel.: +995-32-272 67 34/35
Fax: +995-32-290 74 84
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