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Young local and regional elected representatives


Many young Europeans are disillusioned about government and politics. Their involvement in democratic life is however crucial in the construction of Europe as it allows them to take the European project to heart.  

Young local and regional elected representatives play a pivotal role in this regard. They are in close and direct contact with the young generation. They also participate actively in the decision-making process at the local and regional levels of governance.

The YELAC project

CEMR and 7 other partners take part in the YELAC project - “Young European Leaders for Active Citizenship”. The project started on 1 November 2014 and will be carried out until 31 May 2016.

Our objectives:

  • to empower young local and regional elected representatives to contribute to the European debate, increasing their involvement in the democratic life of the EU;
  • to facilitate discussions and knowledge exchange among young local and regional elected representatives on relevant European issues, from a local and regional perspective.

  • Activity 1 : to mobilise young local and regional elected representatives and other stakeholders to identify the most relevant challenges in different fields (education, housing, employment, etc.), and to identify the challenges with respect to youth participation;
  • Activity 2 : to showcase and exchange on best practices at the local and regional levels with regards to the challenges identified in Activity 1, and to assess their transferability to the other levels of government;
  • Activity 3 : to showcase innovative forms of young citizens' participation while encouraging young elected representatives to use them in their constituencies,  and to shed light on how to achieve a successful multi-level governance and partnership in the field of youth;
  • Activity 4 : to present the findings and best practices at the final conference, with respect to all the previous activities.

What is CEMR's role ?

CEMR is the leading organisation of this project, bringing together seven national associations of local and regional government. It is in charge of the coordination and dissemination of the project’s proceedings and results.

  • Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)
  • German Association of CEMR (RGRE)
  • CEMR Italian Section (AICCRE)
  • Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA)
  • Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG)
  • Association of Basque municipalities (EUDEL)
  • Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia (ZMOS)
  • Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania (LSA)

Members of the Committee of young elected representatives

• Council member of Vilnius City municipality (Latvia), Deimante Rimkute
• Council Member Sindelfingen/Maichingen; (Germany), Hannah-Lea Braun 
• Mayor of Mazaslaca municipality (Latvia), Harijs Rokpelnis
• Vice mayor of Cepagatti (Italy), Annalisa Palozzo 

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