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Diversity and integration


Europe has a long history of migration that has largely contributed to the culturally and socially rich societies we live in today. Local policies are essential in order to integrate migrants in their daily local lives as well as to ensure the host society’s services are adapted to a varied population. For instance, local government may guarantee migrants' social inclusion in terms of housing, working or healthcare access.

In today’s Europe, migration and integration, poverty and social exclusion are realities that require common understanding and joint action by all levels of government, including municipalities and regions.

In this regard, CEMR brings together knowledge, experiences and lessons on diversity and integration to produce political positions. This enables local governments to lobby for coherent European policies in these areas.

Thematic Network on Diversity and Integration

Our thematic network on diversity and integration is open to experts and elected representatives with experience in this field.

Our objectives:
  • To strengthen the participation of migrants and foreign residents in local life and community-building efforts;
  • To explore different approaches that ensure the social inclusion of migrants: housing, employment, healthcare access, quality of life of migrant elders, etc.;
  • To asses best practices in the field of local intercultural action;
  • To analyse the lack of electoral turnout by EU migrants in local elections.
CEMR coordinator:  Maria Grazia Montella

CEMR spokesperson

Mayor of Capaci (Italy), Pietro Puccio

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