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Water is an essential resource to our lives and economic activities. Local and regional authorities play an important role in water management. Preserving the quality and quantity of water is a shared issue between the local, regional, national, European and international level.

European legislation, especially the framework directive on water, sets a relatively detailed framework for the protection and management of water and must be implemented in every Member State.

Focus group on water

Our focus group was created to participate in implementing a plan of action to save water resources in Europe, published by the European Commission in 2012.
Our objectives:

  • To help apply measures identified in the plan of action (ex: improving the implementation of European legislation, pricing water, encouraging water efficiency, etc.);
  • To support the CEMR representative in the ‘Strategic Coordination Group’, which works on the implementation of water-related European legislation;
  • To exchange and share good practices related to water.

Coordinator: Tirza Molegraaf, Association of Dutch Provinces
CEMR Coordinator: Marie Bullet

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