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Climate and energy transition


The world is faced with an increased use of natural resources, including fossil fuel, water, soil, air, metals, minerals and timber, which has a negative impact on the climate, the environment and our health.

Local and regional authorities are involved in the good management and use of natural resources. For example, they ensure the provision of vital goods and services to citizens, such as good water and air quality, waste and wastewater management, and spatial planning.

The EU’s environmental policies have been progressively implemented with a European integration. Today, environmental norms in the EU are amongst the strictest in the world, and local and regional government plays a dominant role in the matter. CEMR highly prioritises environmental policy to ensure that it reflects the needs and demands of local government.

Thematic platform on resource efficiency and the environment

The efficient and sustainable use of resources has become a political objective in Europe and is supported by CEMR and its member associations via the creation of the Thematic platform.
Our objectives:
  • To express the political perspectives of local and regional authorities on resource efficiency and the environment at the European level;
  • To contribute to both current and future discussions and decisions in Europe on key domains related to the environment and the rational use of natural resources.

CEMR Spokespersons

For energy: 
  • The Regional Minister of the Province of Drenthe (Netherlands), Tjisse Stelpstra 

For climate: 
  • The Mayor of Castel Maggiore (Italy), Belinda Gottardi 
  • The Senator for the Loire Atlantique and Nantes City Councillor (France), Ronan Dantec 

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