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Local and regional governments as service providers


Local and regional governments are trusted with the mission of providing a wide range of public services to their communities. However, the regulatory framework is entirely established at the EU level, in the frame of the Single Market.

The key issues on this matter are, for example, legislation related to awarding public procurements and concessions, the definition of services of public interest, guidelines for state support, or international trade agreements.

These legal rules have a direct impact on local and regional governments and the way they fulfil their public service missions for the general interest.

Digitalisation of public services

Providing local and regional public services is increasingly influenced by digitalisation. Technological developments create substantial opportunities for a more efficient, cheaper and high quality delivery of public services..

In view of this, CEMR closely cooperates with the European Commission  to ensure that the Digital Single Market Strategy duly takes into account local and regional governments’ needs and expectations.

Expert Group on Public Services

Our Expert Group monitors the developments of the legislative framework related to the organisation and provision of local and regional public services and directly influences legislation so legal rules respect the principles of local and regional self-administration and the continuity and quality of public services. Furthermore, our Expert Group works with the European institutions to ensure that the implementation of the Digital Single Market Strategy complies with local and regional governments’ competences and individual freedoms.
Our goals:

•    Improving the simplification of the rules organising the exercise public service missions and ensuring a differentiated approach  of EU-law in order to take into account specificities of local and regional public services

•    Supporting exchanges of experiences and good practices in the implementation of EU legislation, as a way to provide the European institutions with detailed information about challenges and needs related to delivering public services

•    Cooperating with European institutions and stakeholders regarding the implementation of the Digital Single Market, in order to enable local and regional governments to take advantage of the numerous opportunities generated by digitalisation, while protecting their own and their citizens' rights and interests.

CEMR coordinator : Leonardo Ebner

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