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Newsletter - October 2017

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions

Local and regional governments'
view of European affairs

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Cohesion policy

Mayor of Sala's take on the future of cohesion policy | Sweden

What will happen to cohesion policy at the next EU budget review in 2020? Now that the discussions have been launched, we discussed with the mayor of Sala (SALAR, Sweden), and CEMR spokesperson on cohesion policy, Carola Gunnarsson, about her expectations for the future cohesion policy.

Generally speaking, what type of projects are financed by the cohesion policy in Sweden? 

In Sweden, we have developed projects to improve the competitiveness of SMEs in areas such as agriculture or the fisheries sector. 


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Energy efficiency

Mayor of Liège on how he boosted employment and the economy by renovating buildings

In 2014, the city of Liège undertook energy efficiency renovations in public buildings. Through this initiative, the city created 322 direct jobs and 780 indirect jobs in Wallonia.

In an interview conducted by CITYnvest, the Mayor of Liège, Willy Demeyer explained this project, its success and its impact on the environment and the economy. 

What do we mean when we talk about energy efficiency renovation? This includes replacing the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, renovating lighting systems or even insulating buildings. In total, says the mayor of Liège, "12 schools, 3 sport centres, an emblematic military site converted into offices and various workshops for municipal services" benefited from this project, which lasted two years and a half.

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- 7th Cohesion policy report -

Cohesion policy

EU Commission proves our point: ‘cohesion policy needs to be stronger and more relevant’

You know it. We believe a strong cohesion policy needs to be  at the heart of the future of Europe. Cohesion policy needs a stronger “place-based approach”: an approach that leaves no town or region behind.  We should not view cohesion policy from a closed, sectoral point of view, but approach territorial development as a whole, and address every aspect upon which it touches.

But don’t just take our word for it: on 9 October, the European Commission published the 7th Cohesion Report, which proves our point in many ways. Our adviser on the issue, Marlène Siméon, walks you through it.

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Future of Europe

Finding common ground to get Europe back on its feet

Cohesion Policy

Cohesion Alliance: join us to defend a strong cohesion policy beyond 2020

Future of Europe

President Bonaccini’s take on how to get Europe back on its feet

Covenant of Mayors

How to help cities be sustainable: a European tour


- Join us in #CEMRBilbao2018 -

Bilbao 2018

Join hundreds of local and regional leaders, and discover how to build communities that value everyone

Picture this: a society with a diversity of citizens, in which all are included and all are equal. Its citizens have a higher quality of life and they are in the best environment to unleash their full potential.

This society is already a reality in many towns, cities and regions. We want to make this a reality everywhere in Europe. Come to the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) conference from 11 to 13 June 2018. Exchange with mayors, regional leaders and all those who are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. Among the topics at hand, we will discuss human rights, public management and services, employment, intersectional discrimination, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life.


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Future of Europe

[VIDEO]  CEMR President Stefano Bonaccini’s vision for the future of Europe


Future of Europe

What future for Europe? A local and regional vision


Future of Europe

"A local and regional vision" : now available in German


Future of Europe

"A local and regional vision": now available in Italian

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