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Growth - 13.06.2006

New report of the EU Commission: growth, jobs and reform of the cohesion policy
The least prosperous countries within the EU grow faster than the EU average. This is one of the conclusions of the EU Commission's report on how the regions are performing in the 25 Member States plus Romania and Bulgaria (12 June 2006).
The report describes the situation in the regions in terms of growth and employment, as well as the trends in, and disparities between, the Member States and regions.
The report finds that 10% of the EU population (Romania and Bulgaria included) live in the most prosperous regions and that the new Member States grow faster than the old ones. Between 2000 and 2004, the lowest growth rates were found in relatively prosperous Member States including Germany, Denmark, Italy or the Netherlands.
The report also examines the great developments in the cohesion policy as well as the financial resources to be invested in this field.
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