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Equality of women and men in local life

Equal opportunities - 10.05.2004

Seminar on "Equality in Europe's towns" : How to build the virtual town for equality?
Over 60 women elected and experts attended CEMR's second seminar on Equality in Europe's towns, in Paris on 7/8 May 2004.
The aim of the project is to draw the virtual town for equality.
In this context, the municipality of Rennes (F) explained its policy to improve man/women equality working for the municipality. Basle (CH) showed how they take into account women's needs when the municipality drafts its budget.
Delegates alos discussed women's and men's respective needs in the field of health, safety, transport or sport.
"So far, the Equality town does not exist" says CEMR's equal opportunties spokesperson, Sandra Ceciarini. "But this projects amounts to a first step to improve reality, to improve women's situation in our towns. Of course, our town will have to keep a realistic flavour, but it is down to us to invent it on the basis of gender equality".
Delegates alos discussed the issue of the budgetary impact on municipalities of equal opportunities policies.
Their work will help set up a methodology for gender equality in Europe's towns, in order to inspire local governments into developping their own equality policies.
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