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Demographic changes - 09.06.2008

A tool to forecast demographic changes in your region
A new tool enables Europe's regional governments forecast what demographic changes could take place in future on their territory. The Laboratory Demographic Change's website helps gather information on whether and how. demographic change will affect your region between 1990 and 2030, based on population ageing and population shrinking dimensions.

The comparision allows classification of 264 regions into four types (shrinking/lower growth and faster ageing; shrinking/lower growth and slower ageing; higher growth and slower ageing; higher growth and faster ageing), as compared to the EU-27 average in one of the three time periods under consideration (1990-2004, 2004-2030, 1990-2030).

The multilevel working process of the Laboratory is embedded in the European Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an alliance of politics and business for promoting CSR in Europe. It is part of Econsense, the Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business.

All European countries are facing challenges from demographic change. These developments have complex consequences for local and regional authorities Therefore the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) released a publication on the impact of demographic change on local and regional government in 2006.
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