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News in brief

  • Recruitment - 14.02.2017

    Job offer: fighting climate change in Africa
    Do you have what it takes to ensure access to energy and fight climate change in the towns and cities of Sub-Saharan Africa?

    If yes, the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa is looking for a Project Officer on energy and climate just like you. See our application pack for more details.

    Job based in Brussels. Deadline: 28 February 2017.
  • World Mayor 2016 - 14.02.2017

    Mayor of Mechelen wins World Mayor Prize
    The mayor of Mechelen, Bart Somers, has been awarded the 2016 World Mayor Prize, for his work in the field of refugees and migrants.

    Nine other mayors also made it to the 2016 World Mayor Honours List. These are all mayors who, with their communities, “have made exceptional efforts to welcome refugees and integrate migrants.” Several of the mayors on this list have signed CEMR’s call for a real common European Asylum policy.
  • Mayors Adapt - 13.02.2017

    Local adaptation to climate change gets bigger
    Mayors Adapt, a project that supports local and regional governments committed to adapting their territories to climate change, has fully merged into the Covenant of Mayors in February 2017.

    Still a crucial piece of the puzzle in the fight against climate change, Mayors Adapt signatories will keep receiving assistance and guidance. Please see Mayors Adapt’s announcement for more details.
  • Equality & Employment - 26.01.2017

    First joint expert group meeting of the year: gender equality & employment
    Gender equality and employment are very strongly linked, especially in the public sector. In fact, CEMR’s expert groups on gender equality and on local and regional governments as employers had their first joint meeting of the year on 24 January.

    Among the topics addressed, they discussed work-life balance, well-being at work and how to achieve equal participation of women and men in the labour market and in family life.
  • Gender equality - 25.01.2017

    CEMR equality expert group discusses action plan for 2017
    What’s the plan for gender equality in 2017? Members of CEMR’s expert group on gender equality had their first informal exchange of the year on 24 January. They discussed the exciting work programme for 2017, as well as their action plan for women’s day on 8 March, and preparations for the Bilbao conference coming up in 2018. Stay tuned – more info on that front coming up soon.
  • Urban Agenda for the EU - 25.01.2017

    CEMR nominates 4 towns and regions to take part in Urban Agenda partnerships
    CEMR has nominated four urban areas for each partnership of the urban agenda: the cities of Helsingborg (Sweden) for digital transition, Weinheim (Germany) for jobs & skills, Kaunas (Lithuania) for the circular economy, and the region of Skåne (Sweden) with the city of Karlsruhe (Germany) as coordinator for urban mobility.

    The four partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU will kick off end of February. The CEMR secretariat will be present for each one of them, to allow our members to contribute. Want to dig deeper? Visit
  • Gender equality - 19.01.2017

    New Albanian city signs European Charter for Equality
    The municipality of Korça, Albania, is one of the latest cities to sign our European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life. Korça is the sixth largest city in Albania, with almost 80,000 inhabitants. We wish them lots of success in the elaboration of their action plan for the equality of women and men in local life.

    This new signature was facilitated by the collaboration of UN Women in Albania.
  • Towns and regions worldwide - 09.01.2017

    6th meeting of the Global Network Magellan Cities to take place in Lisbon
    The Global Network Magellan Cities, a network of all the cities that the explorer Ferdinand Magellan travelled to on the first ever journey around the world, is to hold its sixth meeting in Lisbon from 18 to 21 January.

    The organisation promotes collaborative participation and cooperation among the different cities that share the history of the first journey around the world; among which are cities such as Sevilla, Rio de Janeiro, and Cape Town.

    This network of cities will soon be celebrating the 5th century of Magellan’s journey, which took place from 1519 to 1522.
  • Recruitment - 06.01.2017

    The Covenant of mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa is recruiting
    Do you want to join the fight against climate change at local level in Sub-Saharan Africa? Are you fluent in French?

    The Covenant of mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa is currently recruiting a Project Support Officer.

    The application package is available in French.

    Deadline for applications: 22 January 2017. The position is based in Accra (Ghana).


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