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  • Solidarity - 07.12.2017

    Become a host for the European Solidarity Corps
    The European Solidarity Corps offers you a unique opportunity to become part of an EU-wide movement that supports solidarity as a shared value. Local and regional governments willing to host a Corps participant and offer an occupational placement can benefit from the pool of thousands of young Europeans with diverse skills and competences, who have expressed their motivation and willingness to work in solidarity sectors around Europe. EU funding covers, amongst others, travel costs of the young person and an Integration Programme to support parts of the costs (e.g. training, mentorship, etc.).
  • Demographic change - 06.12.2017

    More years, better lives: join the international conference on demographic change
    Good policy making requires solid, evidence-based research. Come to the More years, better lives conference in Brussels on 13 February 2018 and discuss “increasing the knowledge base on demographic change” with policy makers, funders, scientists, healthcare professionals, industries and NGOs. Please contact our colleague Nathalie if you’re interested.
  • Demographic change - 04.12.2017

    More years, better lives: CEMR steps in for demographic research
    As members of the Advisory Board of the “More Years, Better Lives - The Potential and Challenges of Demographic Change” initiative, we are currently working on shaping Member states’ agendas on funding for demographic change research. At the latest meeting in Paris, our colleague Nathalie stressed that we want to make sure that research can be translated into practical conclusions for experts, policy makers and local leaders to use.
  • Migration - 17.11.2017

    Local leaders adopt the Mechelen Declaration on Cities and Migration
    Although the movement of populations into towns and cities poses a variety of challenges, it can also bring significant social, economic and cultural contributions to urban development”. This quote summarises the spirit of the Mechelen Declaration on Cities and Migration, which was adopted on 17 November in Mechelen. The mayor of Samos, Michalis Angelopoulos, was representing CEMR during its adoption.
  • Migration - 13.11.2017

    Migration and its impact on cities
    Take a deep dive into migration and cities with the World Economic Forum’s report exploring the types, causes, and patterns of migration. Find out how it impacts cities and how they can address this challenge.
  • Future of Europe - 26.10.2017

    CEMR debates the future of Europe in Bavaria
    The discussions on the future of Europe belong in all of its regions, not just in the corridors of the institutions. On 24 October, CEMR Executive Director for European Affairs, Angelika Poth-Mögele, brought our position on the future of Europe to the Bavarian Parliament and discussed it with the MPs. They expressed broad support for more involvement of local and regional governments in decision-making at European level.
  • Smart cities - 28.09.2017

    Facing tomorrow's urban challenges: welcome to MUNI WORLD 2018
    As cities become smarter, new realities arise: you are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but you also have a large array of new opportunities in your relationships with startups.  At MUNI WORLD 2018, the yearly event on challenges and opportunities facing smart cities, meet the leading experts in cyber-protection and discover the best ways to drive urban joint ventures between municipalities and start-ups.

    This three-day event will take place from 13 to 15 February 2018, in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Local leaders - 22.09.2017

    Inspirational practices: LGA’s “be a councillor” campaign
    How do you encourage people to become local councillors? The British Local Government Association (LGA) is running the “be a councillor” campaign, inspiring citizens to stand for what they believe in and become local elected representatives.
  • Culture - 24.07.2017

    New tool for cultural and creative exchange between cities
    Have you heard of the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor? A new tool that helps European cities assess their performance in terms of culture and creation, it also creates opportunities for exchanges and learning with other cities. This tool was launched by the European Commission.
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